And Then There Was One

Wow, the house is really quiet.

After such a hectic weekend, you would think I’d be enjoying the peace. But so much change at once can be stressful on a little Pug. Let me tell you about it.

You already know that Freya has had her surgery and will be doing her recovery with Lindsay. What I hadn’t told you was that Tyra met her new family this weekend as well.

They are from Regina, Saskatchewan which is about 7 hours away. That’s just under a full day in a kennel. Honestly, I think they really just wanted an excuse to meet me.

After visiting for a couple of hours, Tyra was given a shiny new collar and a pretty new name to match – Petal.


Petal the Pug

This name is actually quite fitting. I have never met a Pug who is more obsessive with sniffing every flower and plant she sees.

Of course, this is the Ty-runt I have come to know and love….

Petal the Pug eating grassPetal and her new family

Here is a picture of Petal and her new family. Freya and I also agreed to be in the picture.

I have already heard that after a long drive home on Saturday, Petal has already won the hearts of her new family including her new dad who was not able to make the road trip. Hopefully they’ll be able to come back for a visit every now and then.

I know you are anxious to hear how Freya is doing. She had a very long day today.  Her vets were worried about how much they were going to be able to do because they did not want to keep her asleep for too long. Well, they really showed their competence today. She had surgery on both of her knees, got her spay & tattoo,  had four rotten teeth removed and was still able to have her nostrils widened and her soft palate shortened. She is staying overnight at the vet’s office for monitoring but I have been told she is doing well and will get to go home with Lindsay tomorrow.

I remember how crappy I felt when I had my surgery and all I had was the spay and nose job. I can’t imagine how miserable dear Freya is feeling tonight. And lonely too. The next few weeks are critical to her recovery and the success of her knee surgery will depend on her staying immobile.

Freya, you are in my thoughts today and in the coming weeks.

* by sabrina

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