Dogs Photography Session

After a long but delightful lunch with Payton’s rents it was finally my turn to meet Puglets very talented human, Amanda for my 1000 Pugs photo shoot. She truly is a kindred soul. I saw that the second she greeted me so in reply I gave her one of my palm-kisses reserved for my very favorite people.

During the Kickstarter phase, mum had purchased a very special package for me and for her too, I guess. Rather than the 15 minute sitting most other Pugs were getting, this package gave us 3 whole hours in a combination photo shoot and photography lesson. Mum wanted to make sure I had enough time to get comfortable with my surroundings and with a different person photographing me, and she knew there was no way 15 minutes would be enough.

Oh, and she knew that taking a photography lesson from Amanda would be a once in a lifetime experience she just could’nt turn down.

How this worked was we all go find a backdrop that would show off my cuteness and then the humans would sit and talk about photography and dogs while decide if the location was acceptable. As soon as I gave the nod (or even if i didn’t) they d both start clicking away, asking me to look here, look there, tilt my head just so and work the camera.

And work it I did.

In planters…..

photo shoot samples-3

If you look at the bottom right of the picture, you’ll see mums foot. That was the ONLY way I was getting in that planter.

on stairs, on super scary decks
photo shoot samples-1

and in somewhat dirty stairwells.
photo shoot samples-2A lot of the locations were way out of my comfort zone , but Amanda went slow and gave me lots of treats to reward me for giving it the old college try. She pushed me more than mum ever would, but never more than I could handle.

Just when I started to feel a little tired and ragged, I got the best surprise that gave me the energy to really shine.

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