5 Holistic – Organic Dog Food Providers

Commercial petfood comes in several forms, however not all is thought of equal. it’s vital to grasp the variations before you select a food for your dog. Natural and holistic petfood corporations pledge to use prime quality ingredients while not fillers and by-products. they are going the additional mile to feature useful nutrients while not adding spare chemicals. Despite the upper price of those foods, several dog house owners attest to the advantages these diets have provided, like shinier coats, inflated energy, and higher overall health. Here area unit simply some of the natural and/or holistic diets on the market nowadays.

dog foods should have the subsequent at a minimum so as build the ten best dog food:

  • Main ingredient should be listed 1st on the ingredient list
  • Natural or organic ingredients
  • Complete, balanced and 100% alimental ingredients
  • Contain no artificial colours, chemical preservatives or by-products
  • Zero probably harmful ingredients
  • Ingredients should not are exposed to antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides
  • Contain no “filler” foods (unhealthy food like sugar or sirup that takes the place of healthy food)
  • Contain no Genetically changed Organisms (GMO’s)
  • Be a canned or raw food (NOT dry)…

Dogs’ (and humans’) bodies area unit created from regarding seventieth wetness, and that they (and we) would like that wetness in our diet for the right functioning of the guts, kidneys, bladder, joints, hair/skin, etc.

Dry petfood has been too processed and extruded by machine besieged throughout manufacture. Adding water thereto won’t ‘reconstitute’ the meat back to its natural wet type. And water alone doesn’t offer the mandatory levels of wetness to keep up a balanced system.

Dry petfood is additionally too calorie-dense, therefore dogs on a dry petfood area unit ordinarily overweight.


Emerging from the previous muumuu dog treat company, well-being petfood was developed in 1990 with pets’ overall eudaimonia in mind. Diets area unit created with solely extremely edible, beneficial, human-grade ingredients — extraordinary government agency and AAFCO standards. Their diets don’t contain any ingredients that area unit probably matter, of inferior quality, or while not nutritionary profit. accessible varieties embrace dry or canned holistic recipes, special allergic reaction formulas, and a grain-free, protein-focused line of food. well-being conjointly produces their own complete of treats and supplements.

Castor & star Pet Works

Named for Castor the Dog and star the Cat, Castor & star Pet Works may be a company comprised of animal lovers dedicated to providing high-quality organic and natural merchandise for pets. petfood merchandise embrace ORGANIX organic foods and treats, Natural Ultramix natural foods and treats, and smart sidekick dog cookies.


Canidae pledges to use solely the best quality, all-natural, human grade ingredients. Their merchandise don’t contain corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, fillers or by merchandise. All merchandise area unit created in USDA and government agency approved facilities within the us.


Named for his or her rescue cats Webster, Rudi and Vanessa, David and Stacie Forman created Weruva when their seek for the simplest pet-food resulted in less-than-ideal choices. rather than subsidence, they created their own pet-food. victimization the foremost delectable and wholesome foods around, Weruva developed cat AND petfood that appears adequate for folks to eat (and truly is). accessible in canned type solely, Weruva pet foods area unit created with pure and human-grade whole food ingredients that look (and taste) like they came from Grandma’s room. It’s like nutrient for pets, however still complete and balanced nutrition

Solid Gold

Founded in 1974, Solid Gold was one among the earliest pet diets to concentrate on all-natural, high-quality ingredients for overall optimum nutrition. As a holistic food, ingredients embrace USDA selection meats, USDA grade I and II grains, and healthful unsaturated and monounsaturated oils. Solid Gold doesn’t contain corn, wheat, soy, or chemical preservatives. a large type of canned and dry formulas area unit accessible, and dog treats, supplements, and health and coat care merchandise.

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