Educating Pugtails

What a fun weekend!

I told you on Friday that we had a weekend visitor. Well, thanks to Zoey (and mum staying home sick) mum and The Will stayed home and we had lots of fun and attention.

Zoey learned the joys of weekend morning video game playing. Because Teagan and I have already claimed our spots on the couch with the humans, Zoey got to have her own space on The Will’s lap.

1460988789-5588-img-0326The weather has gotten so nice and almost all the snow has melted. We spent lots of time outside playing. Zoey lives in a condo and is not used to being outside by herself. This meant the humans had to hang out with us while we played. Outside time is always more fun when the humans are there.

1460988797-2568-dsc-02931460988796-1306-dsc-0295I introduced Zoey to the joys of nylabones and playing chase the cat. Don’t worry Auntie, she didn’t actually CHASE the cat, she just watched while me and Teagan chased Shinobi. Finally, we tired ourselves out and crashed.
1460988797-7256-img-0327 **Note – the Pug stairs are still not quite done. The sky threatened rain all weekend so the humans decided it may not be the smartest to have the stairs on the deck for varnishing. Monday’s forecast is for lots of sun so hopefully they’ll get finished up tonight.

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